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If I have my fuel-burning appliances checked yearly, do I still need to install a CO detector?
Absolutely, a CO detector will sound if there are any breakdowns in the appliances used in the home. Appliances experience wear and tear and can cause serious health problems including death for some who suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Am I at risk for obtaining carbon monoxide poisoning if I do not use gas appliances in my home?
All appliances that use fossil fuels, such as Oil, Coal, Gasoline and LPG are equally as dangerous as Natural gas burning appliances.

What are the symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?
At low levels many people will experience mild nausea and a mild headache. Moderate levels will experience stronger symptoms along with light headedness and other flu-like symptoms. At high levels death or the risk of neurological disorders occurs.

What type of carbon monoxide detector should I use?
The best type of carbon monoxide detector is one that has a low level indicator. This will help in the prevention of any health risks.

How many carbon monoxide detectors should I have and where should they be placed in the home?
The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that a CO detector be placed on each floor of a residence. They should be placed near the ceiling. The CMHC recommends that you place them at least six feet away fromgas-fuelled appliances in order to reduce false alarms and potential damage.

What is hyperbaric therapy?
Hyperbaric therapy is a powerful treatment that can heal all bodily tissues including skin, muscle, or bone. It is the fastest and most efficient method of reversing the potentially life-threatening effects of CO poisoning. See more on hyperbaric therapy.



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